Sunday, May 25

Our Peas are Nearly Pea-ing

The Rains have pushed us back into the house.
So you get to see what we have been up to outside the last while.
It is such a pleasure to have soil.
You know?

Out our kitchen door the peas are nearly pea-ing.

The squash is squashing in our Winter Compost pile.

Raised beds are amended and growing just fine. Potatoes and the Choy Family (Gui lan and Sui)  are in bins this year.

Rather quaint addition the straw and the comfy chair, no? One can barely tell we live in town.

Back gate dinner plate sized clematis seems happy here too.

A wee teeny tiny bit of public space encroachment. *a-hem*

The Stink Pot Pie  (AKA Aunt Lucy) is still looking for an exit into the wide outside world.

Bandito Se`nore Eli and his compadre Stink Pot Pie standin' off sans wooden six shooter
 in front of his "Herbal Hospital"
(Yes, another great Eli quote - Herbal Hospital)

Hey what's hiding in the Flavas and runners?

Wine and soda/beer bottles with aqua in them for extra warmness in the night.
Hey, why is the Mickey bottle have such a big mouth?

Mother's day 2014
"I love you Mama and I love biscuits dipped in chocolate."
Eli said to me ever so tenderly and sweetly.

Have a great May everyone!