Monday, March 9

Studio Love Bug

Goodness I love Mondays.
Today Jessi recycled a bucket of clay for me.
I am so greatfull for her help with that job especially.
I simply cannot do it.
If Eli needs me I am up to my elbows in much and it takes ages to sponge off enough to snuggle him again.
So thank you , again Jessie.
And I won't make you eat butter scotch ice cream from a bucket again.
This video was done about two hours before Jessie arrived.
Eli and I were up and at'em really early today.
I think it might have been the time change.
Dunno for sure.
I am in one of those delightful Do-Do-Do stages.
Today I trimmed and decorated 9 mid sized bowls, threw bowls 12 small bowls, trimmed the clay frame for a large set of tiles I have been working on as well as sewed 5 market satchels and managed to blog a bit too!
Tomorrow I will put handles on the satchels and get them into the spot for painting 'em up.
Oh and I sketched in a bit of a scene to one of the three boards I have primed and waiting.
Here is the newest Studio equipment
The Studio Love Bug.
I wish you smiles and friendly faces all week.

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  1. Riding the "Gregor"'s very suiting.