Friday, December 26

Winter Solstice in the Studio

Old Man Winter spread his Joy.
Outside looked like this
I was inclined to do some of this...
Lemon water and raw oats, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, raisins and rice milk in one of my new bowls.
Oh just bring on Winter.
I am ready now!
Out Solstice Satchels were at the ready.
I really enjoy waiting to open things.
It is such a sweet feeling knowing there is some love
wrapped up waiting for me.
I imagine every gift has a wee little heart.
That wee little heat beats steadily, quietly for me or whom ever the gift is for.
feel a card or a gift.
feel it waiting for me.
Calling me.
Sending me a soft warm message.
There the Satchels sit.
A little bit like a rock.
I imagine rocks having thoughts and conversations with each other.
"remember when that tree rooted
Sybille off the ledge a while ago?"
(To humans it was a couple thousand years ago)
Rock Time is a bit different you see.
I think Solstice Satchel time is also a bit different than my sense of time.
There the Solstice Satchels wait and I went below to the Studio and made more pots.
Old Man Winter did more work too.
This is the view outside my Studio doors!
I don't even remember what is in the spots of those lumps.
Hearing others talk bout "cabin fevour".
I really feel blessed not to be "itchy" like that.
I am quite content to be at home with my sewing, knitting, clay, paints, writing and internet.
I have had days and days go by and not talked to anyone else but the baby and the cat!
And I am quite fine with that thank you very much.
A strong earthy rhythm surfaces when my time becomes private like that.
No others to sense and process.
Just a simple basic interaction with a very few allows me to feel nearer to my feral ways.
My passions need that kind of quiet to sing their song, to chant their mantra.
I hope all my Art Friends are enjoying Winter Like I am.
Be well.

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