Thursday, December 4

While the Kiln Cooled

The Little Acrobatic Ginger Bread Men were "cooked" to perfection.Now I had to wait to touch them.
They were still too hot.
So upstairs I tromped with Eli in his Sling
(what's new there huh?:)

I had started some dough the evening before.
Sourdough starter needs that extra bit of time to be happy it seems.
I chopped up some Breaban apples...tart and crisp.
I sparked up the trusty old cauldron
made fritters.
And Coffee with ridiculous amounts of honey in it!
The oil stunk up the house and we ate those fritters with syrup as dip and had "Bread Belly" in no time flat!

So, a walk was in order. Fresh crisp air today.
Pretty leaves and moss.
On our way back we ate Buns with Havarty on the bridge.
One bun wasn't quite enough for me so...
I have since been in the studio tying wool around the legs of Stars and Men
(Ginger Bread Guys that is)
to hang them in little groups of three from branches that I have yet to find and pilfer.
I started Glazing this evening to fire by tomorrow.

I am bushed so no more fotos for you and sleep for me ...pronto!
Good night everyone.

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