Thursday, December 11

Bramble Pram.

Eli and I have been resting a lot this last week and a half.
He has been
very awake
very hungry
very uncomfortable.
Alas, his gums are making themselves known .

It has inspired him to clumsily grab things like his shirtfronts and stuffed vegetables to haul them swiftly up to his mouth rather like a starving man.
We walk a lot.
We sit and nurse for the rest of the time.
Not unlike when he was first born and getting used to the transition of life out of me.
Now the Transition is an acute awareness of discomfort in his mouth.

Since the sun was out in full force today we went out in The Pram.
Oh my what a marvelous thing that Pram is.
Look what I found on our walk!
(yes that is a reindeer leading the way)
Yes the baby IS in there!
See? There he is!
Hmmm. Smells good....
if I could just...
If I could just rub it on my gums....

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