Monday, December 15

Walk Up To Our Front Door

First snow.
Oh so pretty, So very very pretty.
Has it really been one year already?
Really?I am flooded with memories of what seems
a lifetime ago and also just the other day
all at the same time.
Time folding.
One full set of seasons.
One full year.
Oh how very full indeed.
Maybe that is why snow falling is so mesmorizing.
Dizzy-ing snow fall.
It is meant to sooth us into the the realization of how fast time can go.
One of my favourite things to do since I was little is to hang off the end of my bed and watch the snow fall upside down.
I still do that.
For me driving in it is dangerous because I Zen right the heck out in the stuff sworling about.
Hummm, oh yeah, I love the snow.
Soft and quieten-ing.

I swept our front walkway, left the broom in the bushes and off for a stroll we went.
By the time Eli and I returned
the snow had covered the side walk again.
The Acrobatic Ginger Bread Guys and Gals
are hanging out waiting to say hello to our guests.
They ting-tangle
sounding lovely in the wind or when the door opens.
May ya'all be snuggled up to someone cozy in this weather!
Goodnight everyone.

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