Monday, October 27

This is where we read sometimes

This is what I am reading at the moment.

This is who we read with sometimes.


  1. It's sad you don't put any pictures of Sam and the baby on here.

  2. Perhaps there are no pictures of Sam and His Baby on here because I don't want to stirr the pot by reminding Sam of what he is missing. Perhaps because of so much pain and confusion.Perhaps Sam could smarten up walk straight and get his sorry backside into gear to behave and ready himself to come home so there could be more pictures of him and His Baby "on here".
    If one looks carefully enough one can see Sam is in many of these pictures in one way or another. If ones looks carefully enough one can hear me talking to Sam all stealth like, since we are not supposed to talk...
    You are missed Sam. Who We could have been is missed Sam.