Monday, September 22

Whew! I made it in to the Studio

Gosh Eli sleeps lots.

Sometimes I put him in a cradle or our bed but for the most part he is on me awake or sleeping.

Today I used a sarong with big colourful fishey-fisheys on it as our sling.

Snug as a bug in a rug he was.



We ended up in the Studio.

I haven't been in there for this month until today.
The very very big bowl I was working on two days before Eli was born stood under wraps ready and at the wait.
It is about fifteen pounds heavy!
Mind you it will trim down a couple of pounds.
Still I love how BIG it is.
I love big bowls.

I put a damp cloth on it's bottom and will attend to trimming in the next couple of days.
I have high hopes for this bowl.

It will perched tipped upon a small pedestal. Leaves will be pouring out and around a small sculpture of a woman.

A Forest Woman.
The story to go with it / her is on it's way in my head.

The leaves are made already as is the pedestal. So, I am not far off completion.
I must must must remember to have patience drying this one.
I tend to rush the big bowls.
Must go slowly - Must go slowly - Must go slowly .... will not crack - will not crack - will not ....

*deep breath*

This week I will have my calendar for the Invitation to View Fresh Hot Pottery in the next little while. I have a great little program to make fancy looking fliers or brochures or booklets etc. I have been doing my Stories for my Story Bowls with it like a breeze. ( I make it sound like I've done many... I have done one since I have the program ... lol) It cost me fifty dollars to download it and it is simple and fine with drop and drag everything. Love my Little Mac for drop and drag everything. So I feel fairly well on task. I am still waking up early , 'round about 5 ready to go for the day. I am too tired too early in the day to actually get up I have learned. Eli is awake about five times in the night. So diaper changes, the occasional walk around the hall, as well as rolling him from my one side to the other so I have even ballast (if you know what I mean ;) I have learned not to get up like I seem to want to between 4 and 5 am. I end up feeling overwhelmed at small things easily early in a day if I do!

Later this week a friend of mine is going to Victoria and will pick one of my favourite clays up.
I love Seattle Pottery clays. My glazes are formulated to go very nicely indeed with them.
Soon I will have Klamath brown again.
I will make acrobatic ginger bread men with some of it.
Klamath brown is like throwing warm chocolate. Feels like it and looks like it.

The rest of that clay I will make low wide brimmed bowls with deep and elegant foot rings. I will glaze them in a blue mottled glaze.
Tried and true that combo is.
This foto is my touchy red glaze. Goes white really easily. Great when It works though. Just like any relationship huh? Glaze or Human. :)

I throw with warm to hot water. Sometimes with clary sage or ylang-ylang in the water .... mmmmmm amazing experience.

If you haven't warmed and scented your throwing water ever, do try it sometimes. You may never go back to brackish cold murk again!

Really it is nothing short of sexy.
... warm scented water ...
Bye for now .


  1. Speaking of your beautiful clay works.
    The mysteriously disappeared cup!
    Ryan finally confessed to breaking it.
    Silly boy, he thinks I'll be mad at him. The only reason I get upset is because he doesn't tell me.

    Then when he does tell me, it's more like.... I left it somewhere really silly on the very edge of something. He merely tapped it and it flew to the ground in shattered pieces!

    Boys.... so so silly... Why do we like them so much?

  2. Thanks for getting in touch and linking to the site! Best of luck combining the pottery and baby, i'm 8 months in on that adventure and's quite the adventure.
    All the best!