Tuesday, September 23

Getting "It" and Keepin "It" Together

What be this "IT" I speak of?

Being organized is the big "IT" for me.

Here are some of the things I do
... well okay okay ...
I do.

A calendar requires me to predict the unpredictable.
A to do list can overwhelm me.
I really like the NowDoThis list.
I use it often
Enjoy this free tool.
They say...

Here is a new thing I am doing.

I am loading up a Perpetual Birthday Calendar.

I have really really blown it on a number of occasions

(well okay *sigh* every single damn year forever)

because of how forgetful I am around the special day of friends and families birth days.

I have found an online one that I hope will help me to have you feel as though I care about Friends and Family having been born!

(which I really do I am just too self-absorbed ... too in the moment or some damn thing)


Here are some things I will do very soon.

Having all the things I need to remember in one book kinda like this woamn does.


Also I want to have an Etsy shop. I have set up the account and desiged the header and overall look. I just need to load up some images of work available Like my fabulous Market Satchels or Wonder full Water Colour cards. And up up and away I go.


What are your
"Will Do" and "Wish To Do's"

Post em up and inspire !


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  1. Oh my ! I JUST JUST listed etsy on your facebook :)

    I cant wait to see your shop.