Tuesday, September 9

Upcomming Shows...

Time is gently creeping towards to "Season-That-Shall-Remain-Un-Named". There is a plan!
No really, I have a plan! A fellow Art-Mama and I will be inviting a chosen few to view our works on a few occasions during the months of November and December. We might have a public viewing that we advertise in the paper for a couple of weekends closer to " The-Actual-Date-of-The-Season-That-Shall-Remain-Un-Named". We will turn my studio space from production to gallery space with some judicious and artful draping and stapling of unbleached cloth. I happen to have yards and yards of the stuff and I can't tell you how many times it has been a room transformer. I love my staple gun and reams of cloth!
I am working on the invitations a bit more tonight if the Peanut stays snoozing.
No we still haven't named him. Conversations have happened no solid outcome as of yet. One of the many beauties of having an un-assisted birth is there will be no pressure from any officials to name him because he is under the radar so to speak... no one official knows he has arrived. Nice.


  1. You are lovely. Let me know what Ken says. And let me know your schedule when you have it.


  2. Thank you for the interest New Sun.

    I have tied my Google Calendar to you.

    In theory it will tell you what is on my calendar a day before a thing happens. Also you should have access to view it, not to make changes but to view it. I hope it works. Amy and I will be getting together tomorrow to discuss dates for our "Viewing Times"

    Also, I want to have a calendar on the blog. I have to find one and then make it work!

    M oxx