Friday, September 5

Getting Ready For The Tofino Garden Show

On the 13th of this month some of my bronze glaze leaf bowls will be for sale. If I had a camera I would show them to you! A big juicy smooch to Sam Hesse and Marla Thursk for the opportunity to "sell me wares" at this very cool venue. I will post the location of the garden show as soon as I have it!

It has been a busy day thus far. Three friends visited today.
One friend came by with a weigh scale to weigh The Peanut. She just happens to be a public health nurse, how handy is that I ask you? He has gained weight so all is well.
All the stimulation is nearly more than the baby and myself can bare.

After our snooze we will go down to the studio and plunk some prices on the bowls.

Yesterday I was reading another Mud Mama's blog about how naps for wee ones are too short for studio time. I put her link on the side bar to your right if you care for a funny Art-Mama story.

It inspired me to think to my studio days ahead...

I want a small hammock in my sudio for my little one. In theory a little rocking action could buy the extra few minutes of nap that makes the difference ta pot getting fully trimmed!
So, I quest for a small hammock... and a camera!

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