Tuesday, June 19

What a Duckey Day

This pond has ducks and fish-fish-fishies.
If they were not clever fish they would have been a picture as well.
However they are clever fish and they live way down in the deep deep green bloom.
This pond is now called Gillespie Pond.
From when I was little in Ayr.
I have great memories of feeding the ducks at the Gillespie's huge pond.
Thank you Oookash for all your dig dig digging.
The Pond for The Ducks
 As many know our Mama duck toddled on off into the bush all broody like.
It was nerve wracking time for me.
She would go for days and then surface to fill her gullet to grotesque abundance and run back to the bush to set.
Alas, she has not shown her beak for over two weeks now.
The ducklings you see are not related.
 They came from two other farms and are bonding just fine with the Old Papa duck.
 One of our newest boarders has been inspired by Lloyd Khan's book "HomeWork".
I own two of his others and this one is next to hang out on the kitchen table.
The  poles are from the wind tossed trees.
Nice work Luc!
The new greenhouse!
 Book reviews on their way everybody!
If you see a mag  you like come and visit for a looky-Lou.
My kitchen table at the moment.

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