Thursday, June 21

Summer Solstice 2012

Hello Everyone.
Happy Summer Solstice Everyone.
Tea to start  the day, wine to finish to finish and kombucha in between
 As many of you know 
in this House
we celebrate the Solstices.
for me typically this includes sorting - listing - organizing.
I treat the solstices as many treat New Years eve.
We stay up late eating favourite and maybe not so healthy foods.
Last night it was an entire large bag of
Hawkins Cheesies.
(if I wasn't so lazy right now I would get the bag out of the garbage and show you the correct spelling)

I took sometime again last night to sort out some unfinished business in the paper work department.
I took some time to sort out a few goals for the few months.
I wrote up my firing schedule.
In my studio I really like looking at the looming date of a firing schedule. It is nearly as though I need an excuse to go make pots.
Having said that outloud I just noticed how true it is.
"I mean just look at the mess around here"
The Suppressor says.
"Just LOOK at all the things needing washing or food needing to be cooked  the books needing attention" it hisses at me from behind.
So on the calendar went a few dates and my clipboard a few projects, and with a promise to myself to make more of these. 
I love making bottle best.
 Please buy more of my bottles folks!


Bowls and Beakers as unique as you are.

That coral glaze of mine, a love hate relationship. I still don't think I like it some ten years later . . .hmmm.

On the note of start and finish here are two things I want to share with you
One: if you want scoby let me know I am hap hap happy to share
Two: good new shop alert go Jenny go!
Happy Summer Solstice everyone

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