Tuesday, April 17

Some Things Wait

We wait and we wait, oh how we wait sometimes.

We wait for the inspiration to blog. 
We wait

We wait for the ducks to arrive and then everything else waits while we watch.
We nap.
We play.
We work.
We wait for the renos to move forward. 

Winter fertilizes waiting.
We wait for Spring.
We wait

Here a  teeny tiny bit of what we have been doing while you wait for a blog post!

One duck egg and one chicken egg. 
The duck egg is a whopping size not really seen in this picture!

Pottery classes and all in the house.
 Easier to heat and Pip & Gingie are happy for the company.

Puffy Peat Plant Pots seeded with 
all sorts of goodies like pumpkin and bean and beets.

Shelby style snooze.

Eli's dipping egg providers. Petey, Boy Molly & Sweety. 
Well, one is the egg provider.

Special order window sill cactus pots by me and one tree by Eli.
 ("Branches later Mama")
Introducing "Aunt Lucy".
 Pronounced with a thick posh snobby English accent if you please.

Eli has been taking pictures. 
These last pictures are by him. Welcome to a new view!
Newly donated vehicles. 
Drat! Eli just saw the picture and wants them back. 

Steam engine anything is all the rage for well over two years now.

Pre-shower Green smoothie with woolly jackets on. 
Mornings before the wood stove kicks in.

Flooring drying in and for the former Pirate Room. 
Yes they are 2x6 chunks! 
Free solid wood is a good, right?

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