Monday, September 21

Thud Goes Fall

Yup. Yup.
It's here.

Fall has fallen.

I love this season.
I sleep better when it is cold outide.
I can dress for this stuff.
I love layers.
All my petty coats and sweaters.

Yet it is still fine enough in the sun to be outside with no shoes.

Yup. Yup.

I have been for a walk a day in the deep dark woods now that we have a car.
We go to what is called around these parts "the other side"
Up and over the mountain (Arrowsmith)
To Cathedral Grove.
The thought to build a hut of some sort has most certainly crossed my mind...
Do you know the book Radical Simplicity by Dan Price?
It is charming.
He has spent years building things into the sides of small hills and under fallen trees.
i certainly did a lot of that when I was little either in the form of forts with sheets or my fav was the Gully.
The gully was a small ravine that was dry for the summer months. It had a culvert that went under our driveway. The culvert was made of wood. The driveway was, no kidding about 12 feet above.
at the mouth of the culvert was a wide gravelly space that is perfect for me and all my books and pillows.
I spent days in the Gully.
After a few times that I didn't show up home after dark my folks decided to build me a playhouse.
At least I think that is why I was granted such posh digs.
It was a two story a-frame with running water and a dutch door. It housed a full sized twin mattress upstairs.
I was 10 when I moved in to it.
Even in the Winter I could be found wrapped up in blankets playing house or reading or drawing.
Well into my 14th year I played Fort/ House.
Well this Dan Price dude never really stopped and wrote a book about it to boot.
It mirrors his physical efforts by being charming and all hand drawn and mostly hand written.
I suppose I never did stop playing house either.
Here's the link to his book

Eli and I made this the other day.
He kept sticking his squeaker rat in it and so it stays!
If you click on the actual picture it goes uber big!
Taht way you can see the rat ... if you would like to that is!


  1. I see the rat! perfect!

  2. How superb! An autumn wreath! i should make one... Why not start the festivities!!?!
    I already have my livingroom covered in squashes and pumpkins. There are lots! It is so exciting!
    OH and I found this amazing book of awesome things... which I may bring to show you sometime. It's swell.