Monday, September 14


A few houses in my childhood had sprouts in the fridge.
Now the grocery store carries all kinds like sunflower and broccoli blend oh and of course the good ole mung bean sprout.
To regale the health benefits they are a tidy little package of very affordable nutrition.
Fresh fresh fresh food right off of our counter top.
I have been greening em up in the window for a day or two for added oomph.
Eli likes them well enough too it seems. We both prefer sprouted lentils.
I have been sprouting almonds, goji, mung, peas, alfalfa, lentils, and most recently and commercially prepared blend. Spicy I hope.
Eli really likes the tray of dry chickpeas I set out for him the other day.
He giggles as he sits on them.
Full of The Cuteness.
I don't mind picking up the little rollers that do end up on the deck instead of in the tray because he really really likes to hang out in the tray with them.
Make friends with your food is not hard 'round these here parts pardner!

Lunch today was dulse, sprouts and the freshest meaty tomatoes from Alysa's garden!
Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and pepper makes up the whammy juice in the bottom of the bowl!

Soon Eli goes sleeping and then back to the Studio I go!
Glaze Days are here!


  1. OH hooray you are getting things done!!!!
    And having cute times!
    I have been enjoying my now ripe tomatoes too!
    Yesterday I made a fresh salsa... which I of course posted pictures of on my blog too^_~

  2. Christa you blogging is so fun! I haven't gone in there for ages!
    The Old Time fotos are stupendous, really!
    See you soon I hope.

  3. I blog super often because my life is so full right now! I'm really loving it, but am definitely feeling that I'd like to make time to visit you again really soon! Will call you!^_^♥

  4. I've been meaning to try sprouting on my own for a while now. A friend gave me a neat jar to do it in but I just haven't.... I'm re inspired!

  5. Hey Annie, Ya! give it a try! I like lentils because they are the least work. The littler the seed the more rinsing and swishing action needed. If you are a I-prefer-things-easy-peasy-pie kinda Gurrl then I would go big or go home so to speak.
    I look forward to seeing or even just hearing about your adventures in sprouting <--- insert super hero music here...