Wednesday, June 17

Mission (Partially) Accomplished

I am back blogging.

Yup Yup.

One day late mind you.

Thanks for the mail about that everyone!
The kiln is full of bisque.
I will fire tomorrow.
This is some of what I did to work with Eli.
I spent a lot of time picking him up and setting him on the blankets with a different toy-book-brush-what-have-you.
I have decided I will go to the free store and stock up on things that Eli has never seen before for the next round in the Studio.
I barrakaded the back porch well enough to keep him corralled and I kept his pants off to slow him down a bit!
Rather satisfying really.
I set out two weeks ago to build up a kiln full.
Did it.
Took what felt like ages and ages sometimes.
A couple of times I felt that old pressure of a deadline and I-must-must-must urging me to ignore Eli.
(I picked a dozey of a time to do this. Eli started teething big time by the third day into my efforts)
But I didn't cave even once. I always stopped working as soon as he needed my attention.
I figure if I pay close attention to his needs right now in his life, he will feel a strong sense of self worth and value therefore being a more self sufficient soul in a few years.
There were a few times I sat on the couch with him my arms still damp and muddy from a hasty clean up and sulked while I half heartedly nursed him for the ninetieth time in an hour.
I would remind myself that my first and most important job is being his Mama.
Modeling values I want in him.
Patience, empathy, presence, the ability to change the channel so to speak.
You know what I mean Jelly Bean?
This is the indoor-out-door Studio scene from last the two weeks.

I also managed to paint the kitchen and dinning space, start a new vest for Eli, I made cookies (nearly) every single day and eat them.
I put up a make shift fence in the front yard and

gardened like my life depended on it.

I visited with Family.

I also managed to nurture a baby crow and then, sadly, bury him.
All in all an amazing two weeks.
I wouldn't trade my life in for a Kazillion Dollars.
Nope Nope.


  1. I feel very special to be family!
    And I will watch the video when there is no screamin' babe in my house too! LOL
    (friends with new baby with gas visiting)

  2. nice post, nice video, nicenicenice :)
    what happen to the poor little blackbird.

  3. The wee Caw-Caw was peaked for about four days. Not standing up very well yet still eating and greeting us when we peeked in on him or picked him up. Then one morning late, he was panting and refusing food. Inside of three hours he was gone to the Big Tree In The Sky.
    He (or she) really was sweet. Quite happy and very friendly. I feel sad about her leaving. I was excited to have a big bird in our house again. Now that I have started to think about it all I really miss Rainer (my parrot) and Puddle (my first crow). Not sure I am willing to open that part of my heart to do it again... hummmm a bit of a theme this year huh?

  4. Geez, poor crow. He seemed so feisty in the video.

    Your kitchen and front yard look wonderful, by the way!

    Happy belated birthday to Felice.

    Miss you guys! Come see us in Van!


  5. Now this can't be true, just stumbled over and into you blog and website. Believe it or not, the world is a small place after all.
    Remember a dutch holiday 29 years ago?
    Yup, it's me :-)
    Congrats on your work and studio and good to see you doing fine and being creative as ever!!!
    Cheers, Joost (

  6. JOOST, please email me @ terrafeminaatgmaildotcom.
    I would love to catch up with your life.
    I do hope all is well my Friend.

  7. Oh Mickey - just saw this and it made me sad. Nice try to save him, though. Birds are really not meant to be indoors, I am convinced of this. You did well to try to save the poor guy, though. Ohhhhh, poor poor crow. Love your blogs, keep them up up up.