Wednesday, May 27

Book Reveiw - Taking The Leap

Good day everyone!
Got coffee ?
Yup Yup.
Got melon ?
Yup Yup.
Got a good read ?
Yup Yup.
I will make this strong and sweet
just like my morning coffee...

Professional Artists
(wanna-be's included)

Read It.

I will loan it out if you know me.
Link is in the title and the side bar under
"Reading and Listening"


is a different link for good measure.


  1. Went to the amazon link and my question is this - would this be a valuable resource for my son Shawn who does photography? Is that considered visual artistry?

    Look at all that lovely hair on Eli! Such a little man he's becoming.

  2. Most definitely! Go to the other link in my book list ----------------------------------->
    & read more about the author.

  3. ...or you could click on the photo of Eli and the book! I forgot about that one!

  4. i am intrigued by this book... does clothing art count? I dont' see why not, really...

  5. Two weeks, eh? Well then you will have some reading to do upon my couch when you get 'ere Dear!