Tuesday, March 3

Colour Me Calm

These are my Studio's new colours.
hmmm, must fix those wires huh? Oh and the bottom shelf. You'd think it has been this way for years not just days!
I would like to think soon I will be posting some pictures of that lovely orange glow of the kiln firing.
The shelves are just about full...nearly...almost...
Then you will see the posh speckled blue on my fav clay.
that Klamath Brown, chocolate. I love throwing with chocolate.
That brings me to a few pickies of our weekend.
I made a cake for the birthday party held for four of my friends.
I have never made a layer cake like this before. I am fairly certain I have never before this made a layer cake at all. I may have and I may just not remember.
This one turned out to be seven layers.
Some homemade icing some store bought icing, lots of fruits and I put Cayenne pepper in the nutty chocolate cake!
do I hear someone laughing out there?
Pepper in coffee pepper in cake.
It opens the taste buds...
There were no complaints and there was no chocolate layers left at the end of the night.
That means something good right!?

Also we had some Victoria Friends from forever long ago visit us for the whole long weekend
Eden and Eli were really sweet towards each other.
And, ahhh I think I broke their car.
Thank you for bringing up the clay for me Matt and Coral.
I am sorry about the car...
Enough clay to be called a "very large man" was more than it could bear.
Maybe David can sell you another car.
He has had his little red VW bug for a while now...
Next time I am at the video store I will ask him for you , K?
Be well everyone
and if a potter asks you to pick a few things up on their way over to visit...beware!


  1. oh, Mickey.....
    you know I'd do anything for you!
    you did not truly break our car...but the very large man may have been the last straw.
    yes, I agree, BEWARE!

  2. Oh poor dear "Anonymous"... 'memeber how we were talking about a car share deal-ey?
    Maybe you wanna.... & months for me and six months for you?
    Coral I'm so sorry!

    Hey wait a minuet... you POSTED here!
    and ahhh yup yup I'm still sorry.