Monday, February 9

Another Great Monday

Ever so slowly my shelves are filling up.
Jessi is getting the hang of making the Acrobatic Ginger Bread Guys.
Today I realized why my work is all over the map in the consistency department.
It's 'cause I never really know if Eli will do this for long or short...
I end up kinda pushing ahead, towards an undisclosed "amount target" instead of being solid and just doing what ever is on the wheel.
Do you know what I mean?
I think I will meditate upon the Snail.
Maybe even make him my Totem for a while...
Of course there are all the "Cuteness Shots" beckoning me from my spot at the wheel...
There are things that I dare not even start because of the time frames my Sweet Inspiration needs me immediately for!
I am so grateful for Jessi's help.
Muckin' about makin' elephant skin...
? Is that another photo moment... ahhhh the toes... those toes!

and then there is the HAIL!?
Ei-caramba it is pretty!
So white.
Glaring White
Be well ya'll


  1. Hi! I think I'm going to have to have one of your gingerbread men or two or three... and a bowl... and a cup... how to choose?? I'm going to look through at all your pottery and see if I can decide and let you know. Do you think shipping here would be an issue?
    Keep up the great work - it's wonderful! Robin

  2. Shipping is not a problem Robin.
    Especially if they are hand delivered...
    I am hatching a small plan...