Wednesday, January 28

Bad Idea This New American Legislation Is

Generally I stay far far away from politics.
This is another bad legislation that may be stoppable with enough excitment
It seems that the US has passed legislation that is going to have grave impact on the future of handmade products for children, and even mass produced products for that matter. Now I know we are Canadian but it will impact sales.
It has the Canadian book industry buckling down as we speak.
Even books will need this testing they are talking about!
Although I don't make anything for children, I know many that do and who knows I might one day want to make things for children to sell.

Please check out the following article and have a look at Etsy for more discussion and links.
It's frightening really...


  1. alarmists? i'm not sure it will really affect handmaders.

  2. I would love more talk about it because It definitely caused me to feel alarm.
    I hate politics for this reason I never really know what to believe or what to think beyond confusing. I even caught myself saying " Obama wouldn't let something this bad happen"
    I don't even KNOW the guy!
    :) funny what a contagious panic can evolve into huh?
    I am not even following US politics much less our own.
    I was fairly sure that if I was making something that suddenly became illegal I would sell it in a way it would be legal.
    Kinda like when the City asked me to stop feeding the birds outside my store front. I stopped feeding the birds and started feeding the bugs instead. Apparently there is no law that says feeding bugs is illegal.
    Still not sure what to make of the whole pending Handmade issue.