Wednesday, September 17

Harmonious Living

Fall is coming.
Did you feel it in the air today?
I did.
Seasonally things come for me outside of fruits and veggies.

Thanks everyone for Fruits and Veggies that keep showing up on my kitchen counter.
As one friend with a very large zucchini said
" what else do you give a hippie!"
There is another saying that I heard ages and ages ago that stuck
"If you need to buy zucchini you have no friends"

Seasonal shifts in produce and mind set.
Tuck away the Summer dresses and shoes.
Get out the socks and sweaters.
Air the extra blankets.
And for me
Consciousness is rising up again . Time to check in.
Time to look at myself and see if I am walking the direction I want.

Living consciously.

Here is my list to help me re-align my brain.

A way of Living
in harmony with Mother Nature, reducing, reusing and recycling.

A way of Thinki
in harmony with my Family, caring about others as we would my own family.

A way of feeling:
in harmony with the guidance system of my greater intentions for this life, letting my feelings be my guide and always wanting to feeling good.

I wish you a fine and smooth day.

Go eat plums.

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